B Fruitiful Strawberry & Raspberry


B Fruitiful is an excellent combination of low alcohol benefits and exciting natural fruit flavours. The popular fruit combinations are well known by consumers. The flavour dosage is perfectly balanced and the real but light wine taste still prevails.
Enjoy the contemporary rosé style with aromas of pomegranate and a touch of prink grapefruit with the beautiful moments of life.

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Exceptional moments

A reunion with friends, a pay rise, an anniversary… Joyful moments should be celebrated, and this excellent wine must not be missing. Enjoy!

Refreshing wine based drink with natural fruit flavours of pomegranate and pink grapefruit.

Country of Origin / Region

Grape variety

Quality Classification
Aromatised wine based drink


Perfect accompaniment:

Perfect wine for the patio, ideal to enjoy after a busy day.


Steffan Haub

Wine analysis

Residual sugar
Total acidity

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